Finance Schemes

Below are details of current mortgage/finance offers from our French mortgage broker.

Best Leaseback Mortgage Deals

Option 1 - lowest possible deposit
100% of price including VAT +100% of notaire's fee
4.1% variable capped at 6.1% over 20 years
Once VAT is refunded, this must be repaid to the bank
Borrower to transfer to lender savings equal to 10% of net-of-VAT price for at least 8 years; 4% tax free return.

Option 2 - (home owners only) 95% loan following TVA refund
80% of price including VAT
3.7% fixed for 2 years, then variable at 3 months Euribor* + 1% but capped at 5.7% over 20 years including construction period
No repayment to the bank needed following refund of VAT
Borrower to maintain at least €8,000 in savings account throughout the loan period.

Option 3 - (salaried only) 80%
80% of price including VAT
3.1% first three months, then 3 months Euribor* +1.5% over 20 years
Early repayment penalty is 1.6% of amount pre-paid during first 5 years, then none whatsoever
100% of VAT to be repaid to bank upon receipt from government.

Option 4 - lowest rate available in the market for a leaseback deal
80% of net-of-VAT price
2.75% year one, then 12 month Euribor* + 1.25% over 20 years
No early repayment penalty on loan anniversary date.


Note: None of these banks will finance furniture.

*Euribor = Euro Interbank Offered Rate (this is the "base rate" for the Euro); the rate at which euro interbank term deposits within the euro zone are offered by one prime bank to another prime bank.

If you would like more information or have any questions please contact our leaseback desk


Rob Thorne of the French Property Company Ltd